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Monday, May 16, 2016

After reading buynow/bloglater's post with her husband about his thoughts on makeup I knew I had to do this post. Steve has seen me get ready plenty of times and knows all about my makeup horde, so I couldn't wait to hear his responses to what he thought all of these things do. Enjoy!

Primer: It's a basecoat to even out your face to the same depth. You put it on before the paint. (First car comparison and it won't be the last...)

Foundation: It's what you build a house on... It's a crack sealer for your face. It also makes girls faces look like a different color than their neck. (I don't wear foundation, so luckily this is not a reference about me.)

Powder: It's for chaffing?

Concealer: It's what you put on after you fill the cracks to hide the cracks. It also hides acne.

Bronzer: Makes pale people look tan. (Accurate)

Blush: (Or rouge as he loves to calls it.) It puts color on your face. Made by Crayola...

Highlighter: For when you're taking notes? I have no idea. I didn't even know that was makeup.

Mascara: To volumize your thin lashes.

Eyeshadow: Puts color on your eyelids. Also by Crayola. The 9,000 palettes you have?? (He knows my makeup weakness...)

Eye liner: You put that on the rim of your eye.

Brow pencil: Make pale eyebrows not look pale.

Lipstick: That one's basic. Everyone knows what lipstick is.

Setting spray: It's like clear coat on a car, but for your face. Protects the paint. (Car reference #2)

BB cream: Foundation that comes in spheres? Oil of Olay? I don't know...

Not bad for someone who would much prefer watching a hockey game than answer these questions! He did venture into Sephora with me this weekend and enjoyed swatching as many things on my hand as possible just to be able to use the makeup remover bottles (or "Rocky bottles" as he calls them lol). 

If you end up doing this post with your other half, let me know! I'd loooooove to read more of these! If they're anything like my husband they'll be 100% over answering these after approximately 2 minutes...

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