5 pale polishes to transition into spring

Monday, March 7, 2016

The snow is melting and temps are slowly rising- spring is creeping up on us! Before you know it, we'll be pulling our tanks and sandals out of storage. One of my favorite ways to welcome the new season is by switching from my my dark and broody nail shades to something fresh and light! In my collection, there are a few that are perfect for adding a pale dash of color to your fingers.

Find Me An Oasis // A white-based light blue that makes it looks like you've dipped your fingers straight into a cloud. The subtle brightness of it injects fun into your look and the blue tone pairs especially nicely with gold jewelry.

Limo-Scene // More pink than a nude, but more nude than a pink. It strikes that balance somewhere in between the two and screams classy. It doesn't wash me out, but it's also not too girly, which is probably why I've ended up liking this shade more than I thought I would. 

Absolutely Shore (similar) // The greener cousin of the much-loved Mint Candy Apple, this color has fresh feeling that reminds of breathing in fresh spring air on the first day of the season that all of the windows are open in the house. *Inhale...ahhhhh...*

Chinchilly // Although pastels are perfect for spring, some people (myself included) love gray nail polish, no matter the season. This shades seems to work year-round and the I-go-with-everything quality of this color probably explains why it's one of the most worn colors in my entire collection.

Lilacism // Although it has lilac in the name, this shade pulls more blue than you would think. It's a gorgeous shade that I always get compliments on when I wear it. I wore for over 2 weeks recently (out of sheer laziness for redoing my nails) and it didn't seem to clash with a single thing that I wore during that time period. Always a win.

What's your favorite nail polish to pull out when the weather gets warmer? Hope everyone had a great weekend! I went out to dinner with my parents on Friday and Steve and I went snowboarding for the last time this season on Sunday. Who knows what we'll get into this spring. We started kayaking last summer, so I'm sure once it's warm enough we'll be filling our weekends with that!

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