Amplify Your Natural Beauty: My Skincare and Makeup Basics

Monday, February 15, 2016

If you're a frequent reader around these parts, then you know I'm all about natural beauty. I always like to look like me, just the best version of me, whether I'm bare-faced or made up. My skincare and makeup go-to's for getting that natural beauty look are pretty simple, too.

Skincare // I have sensitive skin that's normal to dry most of the time, so the essential players in my skincare lineup are a gentle, but effective cleanser and a hydrating and long-lasting moisturizer. As I mentioned in my January Favorites, my cleanser of choice recently has been Lush's Ultrabland. This cleansing balm is just what my skin needs, both for removing makeup and cleansing without stripping my skin. I'm more fickle about moisturizers and have yet to find one I truly love. I'm almost through Simple's Moisturizer, which I'm kind of meh about. It's gentle enough, but doesn't keep my skin moisturized as long as I'd like. I think I'll be trying out Glossier's Priming Moisturizer* next. If you're not familiar with Glossier, they're a skincare and makeup brand inspired by ladies like us! Their brand is centered around creating staple products that are inspired by real life- a refreshing concept for the beauty community, in my opinion. The Glossier moisturizer has some steller sounding ingredients in it (Mushroom Super Hydrator? you have my attention...) and I'm really curious about the tea and honey in it that reduce redness, since I struggle with that on my nose.

Makeup // As a makeup lover who struggles with time management, my default looks tend to be more natural, since that's pretty much all I have time for day-to-day. I have essential makeup items that I use each morning no matter what, though. A concealer is number one in my routine to liven up my undereyes so I've been reaching for Maybelline's Age Rewind a ton recently and have nothing but good things to say about it's coverage. My naturally fair-is-an-understatement brows need some help daily and the NYX Micro Brow Pencil has been my savior. In less than a minute I can actually frame my face with this little guy. (I swear my brows are complete in that photo...the sun was working against me that day...) One of my favorite tricks for my eyes is applying a really light shimmery shade all over the lid and an even brighter one to the inner corners. I've been pulling out the classic UD Naked palette for this all week and using Sin and Virgin as my eye brightening duo. A coat or two of mascara finish off the eyes - Rimmel's Lift Me Up has been in the rotation a lot lately. My blush varies by mood, but is typically a subtle pink for an easy, "I'm naturally this rosy" flush. Finish it off with a sheer lip color and you're done! (I rarely go full-on with lip color during the week, 'cuz I need All The Coffee as soon as I get to work!)

Above all else, I think it's really important to give your skin a break. As much as I love makeup, I take every Sunday to go makeup free, let my skin breathe, and even pop on a face mask if I have enough time. It's all about balance and enhancing what makes you you! I'd love to hear what you can't live without to enhance your natural beauty. Let me know your favorite products in the comments!

*This post was inspired by Glossier. They believe in skin first, makeup second, and smile always, which is a philosophy I can definitely get behind. All opinions are my own, as always!

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