Mmm Delicious... Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

Thursday, December 31, 2015

As a huge fan of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, I was definitely excited when I heard about the Chocolate Bon Bons palette. I jumped on my first chance to get it, and how could I not? It comes in cute pink packaging, the shadows are heart-shaped, and (of course) it smells like chocolate! 

The eye shadow addict in me is completely smitten with the palette. Aside from being cute in appearance, it really delivers in quality, as you've come to expect from Too Faced shadows. The shades have a strong pigmentation and the color selection in the palette is well rounded, making it a great palette for traveling.

The highlights in the group are exactly what you'd need- Satin Sheets is a shimmery champagne highlight and Divinity is a nice matte highlight for under the brow bone. The mattes are fantastic transition shades- I've been reaching for Almond Truffle constantly. Molasses Chip stands out as one of the true stars of this group with an incredible amount of pigmentation and a gorgeous metallic sheen! 

Gretchen Wieners finally made fetch happen! Totally Fetch is an eye catcher and would make such a fun bright liner! Glam rock at it's finest. :) I used Earl Grey as a soft blue-grey winged liner the first time I pulled out this baby and loved the effect of the subtle cool color.

Out of all the shades, the paler ones were the most meh for me, as a couple of them took a few swipes to built up to the color payoff I was looking for. Not terrible by any means, just not packing the punch that some others did. Aside from that, I'm seriously impressed with these shadows. If you're looking for a palette with both beautiful everyday shades and some fun pops of color, you'll love the Chocolate Bon Bons shadows. 

Now all I'm thinking is, do I need to give the Semi-Sweet palette a shot? I never paid much attention to that one, but if it's as good as the original or the bon bons, maybe I need it to round out the group! ;) Let me know what you think about these shadows or your feelings on the Semi-Sweet palette if you've tried it! Have fun on new year's eve and I talk to all of you in 2016! 

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