Night out makeup 2 ways: Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Urban Decay Naked 3 Palettes

Monday, October 19, 2015

As I mentioned in a few recent posts, I went to two weddings recently, which were two weekends in a row. I went with a smoky eye for both looks, but I did them in two different ways, so I thought it would be a fun post to show you how I changed up the look for each wedding. Hopefully this can serve as inspiration if you're itching for a smoky eye look for an upcoming night out!

Wedding #1: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I wore a black dress to both weddings, so the possibilities were endless. I wanted to go for a look that focused on the cherry shade in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (one of my favorite shades in the bunch!) I started by blending Salted Caramel through the crease following by Milk Chocolate in the same fashion. These are such great shades for building up a transition! I patted Cherry Cordial across the lid and under my eye and finished blending out the crease with Semi-Sweet. Adding a pop of Champagne Truffle to the inner corners finished up the eye look and gave my eyes a bit of brightness! I really like how deep and dark it turned out, but since the darkness is from a deep burgundy, it's not quite as harsh of pure black.

Wedding #2: Urban Decay Naked 3

For the second wedding I was craving a look more in the pink family with more of the intensity around the lashes, rather than all over the eye. Naturally, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was the clear choice for the night! I blended the light pink Limit and then a deeper pink, Nooner, throughout the crease to build up the transition. I added the gray shade Darkside on the lid and under the eyes to amp up the darkness and topped it all off with Blackheart near the lash line on the upper and lower lid. I love this shade, as the red glitter throughout it spices up the black shadow. A bit of Strange at the inner corner and the shadows are complete! (I used the tape trick to get a nice clean edge for this look, too!)

A bit of black liner on the waterline and mascara for both looks and it's complete! I'd love to know what type of makeup look you go for when you have a wedding to go to! Which look is your favorite of the two smoky eyes? Have a fantastic week everyone! Leaving for Las Vegas pretty soon and I'm so excited! I need to start planning out some outfits for the days and nights there - I'm looking forward to some warmer weather!

Copper Penny

Monday, October 12, 2015

A shadow stick that has multiple purposes and is a gorgeous color is a total win in my book. The Laura Geller Eye Dew Cream Shadow Crayon in Copper Penny is all that and more! While browsing in Ulta one afternoon, I swatched the shade Trick from the Urban Decay Cosmic eyeliner set. It was instant love for this rosy-copper liner, but I was not willing to spend $29 for five eyeliners when I only wanted one of the shades in the box. So what a girl to do? Find a dupe, of course! I stumbled upon the Laura Geller shadow crayon in Copper Penny and swatched side by side they were an almost perfect match! At $16 for the shadow crayon, it's not the best dupe ever, but since it can be used as both a liner and a shadow, I think it's a good value. 

The crayon's been great for multiple uses, so I've been getting some versatile wear out of it. I love it three different ways- quickly applied and blended with my finger for a light wash of color and sheen, heavily layered up and blended with a brush for an intense metallic eye, or just in the inner corner for an unexpected highlight shade. 
The formula is top-quality for a cream shadow. It doesn't crease without a primer and it feels creamy both when it's applied and hours later. The shadow's been made with Aloe extract and Vitamin E to condition your eyelids, as well. Although it has all of those moisturizing components to it, the shadow never makes your lids feel oily. Can we also talk about how on-trend it is that shade falls somewhere between copper and rose gold? That completely sucked me in and it would be flattering on so many skin tones!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and watched more episodes in one weekend than I'm willing to admit. I've seen the whole series before (my mom and I used to watch it together when I was originally on air), but I still love re-watching it! I'd highly recommend it if you haven't seen it before!

September Favorites 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I would say the typical "Where did this month go?", but I know the answer for me: work and sickness. Long hours followed by a cold did not make September an amazing month by any means. October is going to be excellent, though! (Two weddings, a trip to Las Vegas, and Halloween!) I did have good month beauty-wise, and I found some great new products to share with all of you!

Origins Drink Up // Having a cold is terrible, but the damage it does to the skin around your nose when you've had to blow it about 500 times in one day is even worse. At the end of that tissue-filled day, my nose was irritated and red, so I used the Drink Up mask on just that area for about 15 minutes before bed. I'm not even exaggerating, when I woke up it wasn't red at all and you wouldn't even know I was sick! 

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown // I've mentioned in many posts that I'd heard the NYX brow pencil was a good dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Now that I've tried it, I can confidently say that it really is! Half the price and the same results makes this a shoe-in as a favorite this month! The shade selection in NYX is decent as well, with 8 shades to choose from. I'm somewhere between Chocolate and Ash Brown, but I think Ash Brown is a pretty good match for what I need for my brows.

Rimmel Lift Me Up Mascara // I've been switching it up from my beloved Maybelline Lash Sensational lately to the new Lift Me Up mascara from Rimmel. It's not quite as good in terms of length and volume, but it does a good job and is much easier to remove. It smells just like cucumbers, similar to the rest of the Wake Me Up range, and it has Argan oil in it to condition your lashes. My only complaint would be that the two larger ends of the waved brush are gigantic and I tend to get a little smudge of mascara on my lid no matter how hard I try not to every time I apply it.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Orchid // Can you be in love with a color? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm the heart-eyed emoji every time I apply this. I've worn this shade so much this month- it's ridiculous. This pretty color is a shimmery, cool-toned light purple with a bit of pink in it. The shade reminds me so much of the light purple shades I wore in my late-teens- I must be feeling nostalgic! If you have green eyes, this color will really enhance them, too! I can't rave enough about the formula of these shadow sticks. No primer needed and they can be worn more sheer or built up to a brighter color. I might go as far as to say I like them better than the By Terry Ombre Blackstars. (Eek!)

Laura Geller Eye Dew in Copper Penny // I have a full review of this shadow stick coming up next week, but for now I'll say that this was a surprising favorite! It was an unplanned purchase, but I've fallen in love with the versatility of the shade! Copper Penny is truly metallic shade, that I've been using in three different ways: a sheer wash of shimmer across the lid, built up to an intense copper shimmer, and as an inner corner highlight in an unexpected shade. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee // You might have noticed that Creme Brulee wasn't in my full review of the Revlon Lip Butters. Yes, I bought another one since then. #notashamed This shade shot to the top of my favorite colors and I've worn it almost every day. It looks like a brown-ish tan in the tube, but on the lips it transforms into a glossy nude your-lips-but-better shade and goes with any look you've created that day. I looooove it! I can't find the lip butters on the Revlon website anymore, so I'm wondering if they're discontinued?!? I hope not! Get 'em while you can, I guess!

What was your favorite product this month? A new purchase or a rediscovery of an old favorite? As I said earlier, I have two weddings this month and they're two weekends in a row- busy busy! My company is also send me and my work bff to training in Vegas at the end of the month. We're going down a day ahead of time to have some fun before training starts (read: shopping and eating). We're trying to pull together our list of restaurants to go to while we're there. Any suggestions are welcome!

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