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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Opaque in one coat. Sweeter words were never spoken. As a self-professed Essie addict, it takes a lot for me to try out another nail polish. I'd heard a little bit of buzz about Trust Fund Beauty so I was definitely excited to give it a whirl when it came in my Ipsy bag this month. Although it's a bit pricier than an Essie polish, at $15 a bottle, it might be worth the splurge for the right shade. In a tall, hefty bottle it already has a feeling of luxury, and being non-toxic and cruelty-free takes the brand up another notch. 

The shade I tried, Elegantly Wasted, is a deep lilac purple, so a seriously Me shade. Earning points already... The brush is the perfect size for full brush strokes that evenly coat the nail. I can't speak to all shades, of course, but I can say that this purple gem was fully opaque in one coat, without being streaky or bubbly. Cue party music, 'cuz that is some serious joy and so hard to find in a polish. Two coats? Sure! But one? Yes, please, sign me up!

As I was browsing around the Trust Fund Beauty site, I was loving their vibe more and more. Their colors are chic and their shade descriptions equally sassy. Resting Bitch Face, a duochrome shade that caught my eye, is described as "Nothing is wrong, I am not mad it's just my face!" Hilarious, and I can completely relate to the RBF syndrome! I also love the looks of Got Yacht (a deep blue that's perfect for fall) and Kiss Kiss Darling (a chic, dark burgundy red).

Use the code IPSYGIRL through September 30th to get 35% off your order on the Trust Fund Beauty site. If you try any of the polishes, let me know if you like the formula, too! I'm always excited for a recommendation!

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