A brush to save your shadow from the dreaded mascara smudge

Thursday, July 30, 2015

You would think that as I've applied makeup since I was a teenager I would have mastered mascara application by now. Not the case. Without fail, multiple times a week I end up getting a smudge on my freshly applied shadow. I really need to get it together...

With all of those failed mascara applications, I've found a savior for fixing it, in an unexpected place! For years I tried to squeeze my pinky to the freshly smudged sections, whilst trying not to destroy the shadow and get wet mascara all over my finger. (I do not want to start all over again.) I'm sure you can picture it or have even been there yourself!

Eventually, I spotted a solution that was (literally) right in front of me the whole time- in my cup full of makeup brushes! I've swapped out the unreliable pinky for a helpful little concealer brush from e.l.f.! I always hated this brush for concealer- it didn't do well with applying it or blending it, so it sat there useless for quite some time. For fixing mascara mess-ups, though? Perfection! It's small, skinny, and dense so it wipes away the smudge like a dream without messing up the rest of your makeup. And it's only $1!

Will you be using this trick on your next mascara accident?

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