Lush: Sympathy for the Skin

Monday, June 15, 2015

The sun's out, which means it's shorts and tank top season making your skin on full display. A good body lotion is a necessity to make sure my extremities don't look or feel dry. Lush's Sympathy for the Skin has been my savior for both adding moisture to my arms and legs, and keeping it there. 

It was the scent of this lotion that initially drew me in- the aroma of fresh bananas with a hint of vanilla makes it almost delicious enough to eat. The texture is different from any body lotion I've ever tried, too. When you reach in to grab a little scoop, it feels like you're grabbing a cross between yogurt and pudding. Not nearly as thick as a traditional lotion, which makes it sink into the skin faster and it doesn't feel greasy once it's been applied. As light as the lotion is, it still makes you feel moisturized all day. Lush describes the main ingredients and their benefits as fresh bananas for skin's softness and flexibility, vanilla for fighting redness, lemon oil for brightening, and sandalwood for toning. (I'm such a sucker for anything with sandalwood- it's one of my favorite scents!)

Sympathy for the Skin is perfect if you're looking for a fresh smelling, lightweight, and moisturizing body lotion for the summer. Let me know what lotion you've been reaching for lately!


  1. Bananas and vanilla? Sounds heavenly! I need to pick some of this stuff up. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. It's so good- and smells fantastic!!

  3. Sounds like it smells great! I'll definitely have to try.

    Angelina Is

  4. If you like banana scented anything, you'll absolutely love this!

  5. Thanks for sharing, I love finding new body lotions.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman

  6. Thanks for the recommendation, it's so hard to keep my skin hydrated during this summer so this is a must try!


    Hearts of Gold Blog
    Instagram @heartsofgoldblog

  7. This is definitely a good one!

  8. I hope you like it! It works well for me!


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