Hello Sunshine! Prep your wardrobe, makeup, and hair for summer!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunglasses. Shorts. Sandals. I look forward to summer all year. It may have something to do with the fact that my home is pelted with snow for far too many months, or it may be because I love being able to walk outside barefoot whenever I please. Either way, summer is my favorite season and it's here! I'm bringing you my top tips for getting summer ready, as well as a little Summer Survival Checklist from Madison Reed!

The weather is hotter, the sun is brighter and now the question is 'What am I going to wear?' The moment winter ends, I start to shop for some additions to my summer wardrobe. Once summer is upon us I like to dive into it by pulling out my printed rompers, since it makes a cute outfit in one simple step. I love pairing rompers with my favorite sunglasses, some stacked bracelets, and shoes that you don't need to wear socks with. (If I can avoid wearing socks most of the summer, I will! #footfreedom) Sperry and Converse are some of my fave shoes to reach for in summer.

Moving into warmer days always means changing up some areas of my beauty routine. One of my favorite ways to jump into summer is with a colorful eye liner! Purple, blue, and metallics are always great for a summery twist in your makeup routine, especially along the lower lash line. Incorporating more highlighters, glossy lips, and shimmery shadows are a must for welcoming summer, too! Don't forget to prep your skin for seeing more sunlight by applying spf to your face, neck and ears daily- it's a must to keep your skin healthy and youthful for years to come! I reach for a Neutrogena SPF 55 for my face. And don't forget the rest of your skin- a spray-on sunscreen is quick and easy to apply all over before you head outside!

With my feet and legs out for all to see, I always make sure to visit the nail salon for a pedicure in a bright, summery color so I'm ready to throw on sandals at any time. I went for a cheerful pink with a slight coral tone to bring in summer this year. One of the most important routines for me is exfoliating my legs before shaving and moisturizing them after. My favorite products to use are both from Lush- Ocean Salt for exfoliating and Sympathy for the Skin for moisturizing. That store is such an enabler...

When summer rolls around, one of the first things I do is make an appointment with my stylist to trim my hair and spruce up the color. I don't have the guts to chop it off into a cute bob (maybe someday!), so long hair is my look for the season. Since I'm keeping my hair long, on sweltering day I like to go for a messy top knot or a sleek low pony to stay cool. For color, although you may think 'summer = blonde', you have to do what you know looks best on you, so I stick with a dark brown laced with a slight red tone that really ignites when the light hits it. If you looking to update your color for summer, Madison Reed offers a great range of shades that you can dye your hair at home with! Let the color advisor on their site guide you to the color that will be best for you! I'm most drawn to Verona Brown or Sardinia Red for myself! The formula of the Madison Reed colors is healthier than most at-home dyes too, as it uses less chemicals and includes strengthening ingredients, like keratin and argan oil. To protect your color from fading, make sure to use a leave in conditioner with UVA and UVB protection daily (I swear by the UniqOne Hair Treatment, and it now comes in a coconut scent- perfect for summer!) 

Last, but not least, my number one tip for getting ready for summer is hydration! Keep chugging that water all day to avoid dehydrating when the temperature rises. Drinking more water makes for overall good health and glowing skin, and that's gorgeous year-round!

Make sure to check out Madison Reed's Summer Survival Checklist below for a great warm-weather guide!

My favorite eyeliner for...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm continuing with the my 'favorite products by category' series and moving on to eyeliner! I don't rock eyeliner on daily basis just out of sheer laziness, but when I do, these are my top picks! Each has a specific purpose based on the look I'm going for, but all are trusted members of the makeup team.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper // The one for the wing
This gem is the newest member of the group, but has quickly shot to the top. I'm sure you've all heard of this one and with good reason. It's what I was always looking for in a liner to create a nice deep black wing that won't budge or transfer throughout the day. The tip is made up of tons of tiny bristles that come together into a fine point, making it a breeze to apply, too. That Kat Von D really knows what she's doing...

NYX Slide on Pencil in Jet Black // The one for the waterline
Affordable and long lasting, what's not to love? I don't even know how many black liners I tried in my waterline that disappeared, smudged, and just plain didn't work out before I discovered this one. The formula is a somewhere in the middle of a soft and hard pencil, making it the perfect consistency for not irritating your eyes on application, while still wearing for hours without fading.

Jane Cosmetics Eye Liner in Midnight Blue // The one for a hint of color
Sometimes you need to break out of the black and brown liner rut and shake it up. When I'm craving a color that's unexpected, but still wearable, I love this navy blue shade from Jane since really enhances your eyes, no matter what color they are. I especially like the way is looks when it's smudged along the lash line imperfectly making it a little smokey.

My most used liner for the past few months is Roach, hands down. The color is somewhere between a neutral brown and a slightly shimmery bronzey-copper. It's natural enough to wear daily to beef up the lash line, but also has that something special taking it one step above a typical brown. It's especially nice along the lower lash line for a bit of definition, too. I'll definitely repurchase this one when I run out.

Of course no liner list is complete with out one to brighten up your eyes when you need a little awakening boost. I prefer nude liner over white for this, since it's not quite as harsh. The formula of Rimmel's nude really takes the cake, though. It's that creamy, dreamy, glide on goodness, while still being one of the best waterproof liners I've found. (Trust me- it took an oil based makeup remover to completely remove this swatch!)

Let me know which eye liner you can't live without and why you love it! Favorite bronzers will be up next in this series!

My favorite highlighter for...

Monday, June 22, 2015

The right highlighter can work wonders. Catching the light in just the right way, it can make your skin look as if it's lit from within. Who doesn't want that- right? There's so many different ones out there, all with various promises, finishes, and results. I thought I'd share with you my four favorites, all of which I use for distinct purposes.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal // I picked this up in a travel size trio around the holidays to give it a try. The Shimmering Skin Perfectors are such a hyped product that I had to see what all the fuss was about. The formula of this highlighter is unlike anything I've used before. It's quite thick, without being goopy or heavy, but somehow blends into your skin and catches the light beautifully and naturally. The shimmer throughout it is almost undetectable, but the instant luminosity it gives to your skin once blended is unbelievable. I use this in a C-shape from my lower temple to the top of my cheekbone, but I have a feeling that if it were mixed with a tinted moisturizer it could be a winning combo for summer. I'll have to try it out and report back! 

Benefit Watt's Up! // Another classic highlighter, Watt's Up!, was one the first ones I ever purchased, several years ago, so it's definitely near and dear to my heart! A beautiful champagne-toned cream formula in an easy to apply stick, this one is a go-to for me when I need my glow to last, especially for a night out. I love to apply this one full-on across the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and sometimes to the cupids bow. It so easy to blend in and while not exactly "natural-looking" it definitely gives off a gorgeous JLo worthy glow. 

thebalm Mary Lou-Manizer // Oh boy, what can I say about Mary-Lou?! This cult classic completely lives up to the hype. A little of this honey-toned powder goes a long way. One quick sweep of your brush in this number and you can add that sought after sheen to your face in a second. It's extremely easy to apply and looks lovely across the cheekbones, as well as the brow bone. I prefer to use a light amount of this during the daytime and amp it up with an added sweep of shimmer for night.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Virgin //  The iconic Naked palette and it's endless uses never cease to amaze me. I'm constantly trying new combos and discovering new looks from these twelve shadows. All month I've been using the shade Virgin as my inner corner highlight and loving the result. It adds a nice brightening effect that completes any eye look perfectly and it last all day with needing a top-up.

Let me know what your favorite highlighters are- I'd love to know what you reach for on a daily basis!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I pretty much just relaxed this weekend. I was feeling tired since I had an unusually busy week last week - a concert on Wednesday night with some co-workers and Steve, then and another concert on Thursday in the city that Steve and I went to (food trucks and free concert = yes please). Our 5 year anniversary was on Friday, so we went out to dinner on Saturday night at one of our favorite little Italian restaurants to celebrate. A little cheers to 5 years of marriage over some spaghetti parm and fettuccine alfredo. Delish! 

My favorite taupe shadow sticks

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"They're similar, but they're not the same..." You know the phrase. Every beauty addict has said it trying to justify buying something that looks just like something else that they already own. Well, I'm definitely guilty of that. Apparently I'm the worst offender of this when it comes to taupe shadow sticks.

Taupe eye shadow is my weakness. I don't know what it is about this shade, especially if it has a slight purple undertone, but if I see it, then I have to try it. These three are my favorites in cream form, and although they look very similar, there are some subtle differences between them. I'm apologizing in advance that these are not the cheapest, but I'll add some more affordable options that have a similar look, too.

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Rosy Taupe has more of a pink undertone than the others and is the least shimmery, as well. As the most subtle of the bunch, I prefer this one for a more natural day. It's creamy and easy to blend, but once it sets it doesn't budge all day. 

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst is one of my all time favorite shadows- a very bold statement coming from an eye shadow addict! When the light catches it, the sheen of the shadow has a purple tone to it that's eye enhancing, especially for green eyes. (See it in action here.) The quality of the Laura Mercier shadow sticks is fantastic, too. You don't need a primer and they blend out quickly and easily, almost adding an extra dimension to the shadow once blended. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock is definitely the splurge of the three. If you're like me, then you've probably had your eye on this forever. And let me tell you, it's definitely a stunner! The undertones to this one are somewhere between pink and purple, but if you've seen it on other blogs or on YouTube, then you know it somehow looks different on everyone. My favorite part of the shadow is the silver micro-shimmer running through it that gives the lid a wet look when applied. So gorgeoussss!

A few similar and more affordable cream shadows that I've been able to find, but don't own (yet!) are the Kiko shadow stick in 05 Rosy Brown (this is supposedly an excellent dupe for Misty Rock), Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Black Orchid (limited edition), and the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bluffing (a bit more pinky nude, but a similar finish).

Lush: Sympathy for the Skin

Monday, June 15, 2015

The sun's out, which means it's shorts and tank top season making your skin on full display. A good body lotion is a necessity to make sure my extremities don't look or feel dry. Lush's Sympathy for the Skin has been my savior for both adding moisture to my arms and legs, and keeping it there. 

It was the scent of this lotion that initially drew me in- the aroma of fresh bananas with a hint of vanilla makes it almost delicious enough to eat. The texture is different from any body lotion I've ever tried, too. When you reach in to grab a little scoop, it feels like you're grabbing a cross between yogurt and pudding. Not nearly as thick as a traditional lotion, which makes it sink into the skin faster and it doesn't feel greasy once it's been applied. As light as the lotion is, it still makes you feel moisturized all day. Lush describes the main ingredients and their benefits as fresh bananas for skin's softness and flexibility, vanilla for fighting redness, lemon oil for brightening, and sandalwood for toning. (I'm such a sucker for anything with sandalwood- it's one of my favorite scents!)

Sympathy for the Skin is perfect if you're looking for a fresh smelling, lightweight, and moisturizing body lotion for the summer.

Asos Wishlist: Summer Style

Friday, June 12, 2015

I don't know what it is, but the weather get warmer and I'm completely inspired to revamp my wardrobe. I have a feeling the fashionistas on Pretty Little Liars have something to do with it- they seriously have The Best Outfits. Thus, online shopping begins and the wishlists grow. I haven't browsed Asos for a while, but I took a spin through the other day and added a bunch of summery clothes and jewelry to my 'Save for Later' list. Apparently rompers and gold jewelry are my jam right now. I foresee an order in my future...

1 // Floral Romper // I desperately wish that this wasn't so pricey, cuz I'm in love with everything else about it. The print, the color, the skort...love!
2 // Blush Fedora // No idea if I can even pull this off, but oh man is this hat fabulous in this blush tone!
3 // Bar Necklace // This simplicity of this necklace is exactly what's missing from my current jewelry collection.
4 // Green Tunic // Loose fitting v-neck tops like this have been a go-to for me all spring. I don't think I have any shirts in this color, so that's reason enough to get it, right??
5 // Triple Necklace // Three necklaces that make you look like you put in more of an effort than you did? Sold.
6 // Blue Kimono Sleeve Romper // This pale blue number screams 'date night'! A pair of heels and a metallic belt could really take this outfit to the next level. And that color is so pretty for spring!

A tinted moisturizer to give you that summer glow

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You know how it goes. The weather gets warmer and all you want is skin that glows. That lit from within glow that's subtle and more natural than what a highlighter can do. Enter the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. This tinted moisturizer in the shade Pearl has been a go-to in my makeup routine lately. It's a lightweight formula that blends in easily with just your fingers and leaves your skin with a hint of glow. The moisturizer has the smallest hint of sheen running through it, but it's not glittery or shimmery, which is exactly what I look for. Nobody wants a disco ball explosion all over their face, duh. Once it's blended in, your skin is left with a light-reflecting glow that makes you look like you have the healthiest skin ever. I like to concentrate it on the cheeks and bridge of my nose and blend whatever is left after that application across the rest of my face.

In addition to how great it makes you look, it's also good for your skin! It has SPF 20, which is definitely a must for me in the summer months, since I can burn after barely seeing the sun. #paleproblems The moisturizer also has Ginseng and Gingko Biloba to add antioxidants to the skin, making it even healthier.

The jewelry dish that isn't even a jewelry dish

Monday, June 8, 2015

There's nothing better than re-imagining your decor. I was browsing on the West Elm site a couple of weeks ago and saw this adorable golden hedgehog planter, promptly ordered it, and started to think about what kind of succulent to plant in it. Once it arrived, I was still undecided, but left it on my dresser in the meantime. It suddenly seemed so obvious what I should use it for instead- a ring dish! All of the rings I've accumulated over the past year were splayed all over the dresser in an complete mess and this little metallic animal was beckoning to hold them all. It's the perfect size for all of the rings that I currently wear, plus room for more!

What do you all think, do you ever re-purpose something that you've bought with completely different intentions? If gold isn't your thing, this tiny hedgehog also comes in gray, plus they make an even smaller one that's a little brown mouse!

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