Niagara Falls: not frozen, but still amazing

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm not sure if you are all aware, but I live in Niagara Falls, New York. Yep, that famous waterfall is practically in my backyard. Although I live here, I really don't visit this natural wonder all that often. But, with all of the chatter this winter about them freezing over, Steve and I thought it would be fun to go check it out and snap some pics. We walked around the American side last weekend- it was incredibly cold, so I super chic in a pair of old, velour sweatpants, circa 2006. Stylin'. No judgement, please- when it's negative temperatures you need to dress for warmth over style. 

The falls were definitely not frozen, but quite a bit of the surrounding areas were and it was pretty amazing to see. So much of the park was covered in ice and snow, the snowbanks were more like little mountains, and we weren't the only crazy people there taking pictures in the Arctic-like night air.

Coat- Vince Camuto

Look at that insane amount of ice!
Typical winter in Niagara Falls- ice covered trees
The rapids are one of my favorite areas!
We decided to take a quick trip over the bridge last night into Canada to get some pictures of the view from the other side. The Canadian view has always been known as the better view since you can definitely see more of the waterfall. The colored lights projected on it made it look absolutely magical. It think it was actually warmer last night than it was last week, but I was still completely frozen. Even with gloves on, my fingers felt numb and my jeans were definitely not cutting it for warmth. The cold air aside, the view was certainly breathtaking from Canada.

The river is covered in a layer of ice

It's like My Little Pony on ice
The waterfall on the American side- with mounds of snow and ice!

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me to Niagara Falls! Have you ever visited this stunning waterfall before?


  1. Utterly beautiful photographs! I live in the UK and it's on the news quite a lot lately about how bad the weather is over there. You're all dealing with it incredibly well though! When snow hits the uk, and by snow i mean literally a dusting, the whole country goes into melt down haha. Everything closes down. We need to learn from you guys!! I can't get over how truly stunning the falls look though, would love to visit one day! xxx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. Thanks so much Hannah! It's pretty incredible to see in person. I think because we get hit with so much snow all winter that we're pretty prepared for any winter weather. Although a light dusting sounds pretty fantastic right about now- can't wait for spring!

  3. Amazing place.

    Would love to come there.

    It's nice you have great camera as it didn't freeze.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Check my new post.

  4. Thanks! I was definitely concerned about my camera being out in the cold for too long, but it was ok. You should come check it out!

  5. These pictures are stunningly beautiful! I'm impressed!

  6. Thanks so much! That means a lot!

  7. awesome photos.. I've never visited NF before but its def on my bucket list! xxo

  8. It's pretty impressive! I probably take it for granted living here.

  9. Such an amazing sight! I've never been- so cool you went at night!


    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. Thanks Ashley! It's so pretty at night in winter when all of the lights are on it!

  11. great post :)

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    Have a nice day


  12. Absolutely! I don't think they've truly frozen since the late 1800's, but it's still incredible to see - frozen or not!


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