Shopping the Men's Section

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

As much as I love shopping, sometimes it takes a little wander to an unexpected area to find something new. When I went to Target with my husband recently, I found a few fun shirts in the men's section that I never would have stumbled upon in the women's section.  

This casual Star Wars hoodie fits so comfortably and is perfect for running errands on the weekend.
Hoodie- Target / Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad / Boots- Target

I had to get this hilarious bear-in-a-sweater sweatshirt. It's so cute for lounging around on a cold day!
Sweatshirt- Target / Yoga Pants- Target / Moccasins- Minnetonka

The last find in the men's section is this oar-printed sweater with a shawl collar. It has such a wintery vibe that I absolutely love and it's really warm and cozy! 
Sweater- Target / T-Shirt- Target / Jeans- Target / Glitter Sneakers- Converse

A couple of tips for shopping in the men's section:
1. Try everything on. A size small in one shirt may fit well, while a size large in another may fit just as well.
2. Think outside of the box. Just because it's styled a certain way on the mannequin doesn't mean it can't be styled differently to look more feminine.
3. The men's section can be a great resource for loungewear, pajamas, and loose t-shirts. There might be some options there that aren't even an option in the women's section.

I hope this was helpful and got you to think a little differently next time you go shopping! Have you ever bought anything from the men's section?

Cargo Northern Lights Palette

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Eye shadow palettes are my weakness when it comes to beauty products. I'm addicted to buying anything that looks new, unique, or just plain pretty! I'm honestly running out of space in my designated "palette drawers", but I don't plan on not buying them anytime soon. I mean, come on...

With that being said, I maaaaay have picked up yet another palette the other day. In my defense, the Cargo Northern Lights palette is in a cute, red, snakeskin-like packaging and the shadow shades all screamed winter, so I really had no choice. (What I'm telling myself as I walk to the register.)
So let's talk about these shadows! I'm loving them so much- from the Northern and wintery names to the buttery and richly pigmented formula of each shadow, they are all stunning. Aurora is a beautiful true rose-gold that's perfect for an every-day shimmery eye look. Caspian Sea is a gorgeous, deep grey that can deepen any look.
L-R: Polar, Lapland, Aurora, Iceland, Caspian Sea, Arctic
I'm also crazy about Glacier, a dark, shimmery blue-grey that would be perfect for a holiday party smokey eye. Reindeer is another favorite, as the matte, burgundy shade is very complementary on green eyes and it's really blendable. 
L-R: Fjord, Glacier, Finland, Osetra, Reindeer, Greenland
All in all I'm loving these shadows and definitely will be reaching for these often. What do you think about this palette? Will you be adding it to your collection too?

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