Dry Lips Rescue

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'd been battling with dry, chapped lips for weeks with no end in sight. I tried Chap Stick (terrible), Maybelline Baby Lips (so-so), and even a Jack Black balm from the men's section of Ulta that was supposed to be great for healing the driest of lips. All of which did pretty much nothing (and I'm convinced that Chap Stick made them more dry than they already were).

I quickly realized that barely drinking any water all day was a large part of my problem, so I upped my water intake and started to notice a slight improvement in not only the dryness of my lips, but in the overall health of my skin. Drink more water! One of those tips that I always read but don't strictly abide by. Not anymore.

Next up, I decided to make my own sugar scrub for my lips with equal parts brown sugar, olive oil, and honey. I put it in a little container in the bathroom and used it once a day or every other day to gently scrub off any dryness on and around my lips. Noticeable difference after every use- seriously. This was a big help in the healing process.

So now after my numerous lip balm fails, water chugging, and DIY scrub, these lips of mine still were looking pretty wrecked. And I was getting so frustrated...until my loving husband suggested something that I am now completely converted to. Vaseline!!! So simple, cheap, and wonderful! I bought the large "original" tub, plus a couple of the little Vaseline lip therapy pots and gave it a go. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I slathered that stuff all over my mouth and within a couple of days of using it saw my lips completely healed!!! I'm absolutely in love with this stuff and probably will never buy a different lip balm again.
If you're in need of a dry lips rescue I would highly recommend picking up some good, ol' Vaseline. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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