Tarte Rainforest After Dark

Sunday, July 20, 2014

After doing a bit of browsing for makeup the other day, I stumbled across the new Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette and knew that I wanted to try it out. First off, the name and packaging are both so mysterious and unique that I was sucked right in. I love that gold snake with the crystal on the lid! 
The palette itself is quite large and comes with six eye shadows, a blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter. Each product is nicely pigmented and finely milled, so they are very easy to work with. A little bit goes a long way and they're all very buildable. The first time I used it I went for the three purple toned shades for my lids. They blend well together and have really good color payoff. The dark purple looks intense, but trust me it's very wearable, even for daytime. The blush is such a beautiful rosy pink and gives the cheeks a natural flush. I would expect no less from a Tarte blush! I really like the warm shade of the bronzer, too. Probably one of the best bronzer colors I've found in a while. My only complaint would be that the shape of the bronzer and highlighter sections make it a bit difficult to fit a larger brush in them.
Overall I am absolutely loving this new palette from Tarte and am really excited to try some different combinations with it! Are any of you thinking of trying this?

Minimal Vacation Makeup

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My husband and I have been on vacation for the last week (more of a stay-cation) and it has been so relaxing and refreshing! No plans, just doing as we please each day- sleeping in, eating out, and watching lots of Netflix! While I've been on vacation, my go to makeup has been quite minimal. I want to be able to get ready in as little time as possible, but still look and feel good for wherever we may go for the day.
Some days I will wear a sunscreen on my face or a tinted BB cream, but this week I've skipped those and been going straight into concealer, using the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in Light. I just pop on a little under my eyes and finish blending it in with my fingers. To bring a bit of vibrancy to my cheeks, I've been using the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface. It's a bright pink that gives a nice, natural flush to the face. My brows always need a boost, as they're naturally light and sparse, so to give them some shape I do a quick once-through with the Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium. I've been skipping shadows and simply curling my lashes and putting on some Maybelline The Rocket mascara on the top lashes only. Lastly, as my lips have been feeling a little dry lately, I've just been using Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched to add some hydration and shine. 

Those are my minimal makeup must-haves for a look that takes just a few minutes, but is still pulled together. What are your low maintenance makeup favorites?

Hair Care Tips

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I am certainly no expert in the area of hair care, but I've learned a few things along the way. As a woman who loves to dye her hair every other month and uses straighteners or curling irons on it nearly every day, I definitely need to take steps to keep it healthy. Here's a few little tidbits I've discovered that I thought I'd share with you:

1. Alternate shampoos and conditioners often. Your hair can get used to a shampoo if you use it constantly, making it less effective. I usually have two to three shampoo and conditioner sets in my shower at once (although half of them are usually samples from Birchbox and Ipsy) and I alternate them every few days. Plus, let's be honest, I do love to try out different shampoos any chance I can get!

2. When washing your hair, conditioner should only be applied to the ends. The oils from your scalp naturally condition the top portion of your hair, so applying conditioner there tends to make it overly moisturized and a bit oily.

3. Leave in conditioner is your friend. I use the Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment when I get out of the shower as a detangler/leave in conditioner every single day. I helps my hair to stay soft and moisturized and, as it's a detangler, less hair breaks when I comb it. After my hair is dry I also apply a coin-sized portion of another leave in conditioner to the ends of my hair to add a bit of moisture back in to the driest areas. This helps to combat against the dry air of winter and the heat and humidity of the air in summer. I've been using the Garnier Leave in Conditioning Cream for years. It's effective, smells good, and is really inexpensive.

4. Always, always, always use a heat protectant when using a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, etc. I am completely guilty of not doing this at all until a few months ago and still not doing it regularly. Although the Uniq One treatment I apply after the shower has some heat protection, I still use an additional heat protectant if I am styling my hair with heat later that day or the next day. I've been using the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray and I think it does it good job. Just spray it all over your hair, give it a few minutes to dry, and style as usual.
I hope some of these tips are helpful for your hair care routine! Let me know any of your tips in the comments below!

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