Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection - Review

Friday, June 13, 2014

I've never tried anything from Pur Minerals before, but I thought I'd give this Jupiter Ascending Collection a whirl. For $29, I thought that a six shadow palette, a felt tip liner, and a gloss was quite a steal. The makeup set is based on the movie Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. I honestly have no idea what this movie is about, but this collection looked nice, so I tried it. Let's get into it!
The shadows in this palette are completely hit or miss for me. The pigmentation is not great- you really need to build it up with a lot (a lot!!) of layers to get the color to show up. Night Sky and Caine are my top choices in the palette and seem to show up the best. However, there are a lot better shadow options out there, in my opinion.

Moving on...the felt tip liner is pretty good. It's super wet, to the point that you need to wait a few seconds until the line you drew has dried before blinking, unless you want to risk getting faint black lines on your upper eyelid. The staying power of the liner is really nice- it lasts all day without budging or fading and it's just as intense of a black when you remove it at night as it was when you applied it. The only negative aspect is that I've only used it a couple of times and I've already noticed the felt tip starting to feather slightly, which means it probably won't last too long before the it frays.

Lastly, the gloss! The gloss that came in this little collection is absolutely gorgeous!! It's a beautiful light pink/nude with tiny gold flecks in it. It doesn't dry out my lips and it's not sticky, so I'm loving it. And the best part (which I didn't even know about until I opened it)- it has a mirror along one side of the tube and two little LED lights inside of the top applicator portion, so you can apply it at night without needing to find a mirror. This is genius!! How have I never seen this before on a lip product?! Love, love, love. I would definitely try another gloss from the brand.

Have you ever tried anything from Pur Minerals? What were your hits and misses from them?

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