Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Paint

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rimmel products have been on a winning streak for me lately and these shadows are no exception. I stumbled upon the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Paints while browsing around a few weeks ago and thought I would give them a try. I wasn't sure what I would think (a little skeptical about "paint" for eyes) but they turned out to be even better than I hoped for. 
They come in a tube with a soft spongy applicator and they are extremely wet when you apply them (literally like paint on your eyelid)! They are more vibrant if you leave them unblended, but I typically blend out the edges to get rid of any harsh lines. If you do decide to blend them out, you have to do it in no more than 30 seconds, otherwise it dries and there's no way to blend it without adding more. My favorites are Peachy Apricot, which has a gorgeous golden goddess vibe, and Rich Russet, which is more a warm, shimmery brown.
Unblended (left-right: Pink, Peachy Apricot, Chestnut Taupe, Rich Russet)
Blended (left-right: Pink, Peachy Apricot, Chestnut Taupe, Rich Russet)
Some of the color range is questionable and there's only a few that I would actually buy and use as shadow. I wasn't sure what they were thinking with the bright red and purple...those are certainly not for me... But overall I really like the few that I bought and have been using. Cream shadows are always nice in warmer weather and these have definitely been added to my makeup rotation. 

Let me know if you've tried these and what you thought!

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