Cheers! Bar Styling and DIY Shelves

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello everyone! My husband and I have been working on a home bar in our kitchen on and off over the past couple of months and it's finally complete! I thought I would do a little post about what we did to create it and how it's styled.

After a lot of searching I finally found a table with a couple of drawers that fit in a nook in the side of our kitchen. I bought it from Value City Furniture for about $500. The table's pine with a dark stain and distressed metal handles and edges. I love the clean lines and slightly aged feel of it.

To go on top of the bar I bought a set of etched glass decanters. I love the look of home bars in the 1920s (I've probably watched too much Boardwalk Empire!) and they all seemed to have had decanters back then, so I thought they would look really classy!

I also picked up a black wooden serving tray to display some glasses, a cocktail shaker, and a skull ice bucket. On top of a large surface like this, I think items looked better grouped together rather than looking busy and without purpose while floating separately.

The last decor item for the top of the bar is a DIY candleholder that I made out of old wine and liquor bottles, candles, and a mirror. I chose four bottles from the same winery whose bottle artwork I thought was beautiful and (after enjoying the wine) cleaned out any residue. I cleaned out some empty liquor bottles that have varied heights, as well. I bought some candles, put them in the bottles, and melted them down so that they fit more securely and look a bit aged with the wax dripping down the sides. They give off a really lovely glow when the candlelight bounces off the mirror base at night, too.

For some art and shelving, I added a large framed photo off-center above the bar.

We tried to find shelves to add to the wall, but there was nothing that we liked in all the stores we went to, so we decided to built our own! After hanging the framed picture, my husband measured out the size of each wood shelf we would need for the space between the picture and the wall, as well as above the photo from wall to wall. He cut each one to size, stained it to match the table, and attached it to the wall on simple black brackets we bought from Home Depot. We put out some bottles of alcohol and wine on the shelves, along with glasses a little flying pig!

The last addition to the space was a chalkboard that looks similar to a British phone booth for messages and memos. It's so fun and I absolutely love it!

If you have any good cocktail recipes please let me know! Cheers!


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